You arrived in the UK with one suitcase but somehow you’ve accumulated a whole lot of stuff during your time here. Luckily, shipping your gear back home is a pain free exercise — once you’ve decided what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. The standard delivery time is six – 12 weeks so plan ahead if you want your belongings to arrive when you do.

Once you’ve decided to move overseas, you’ll need to find a shipping company to ship your possessions. Shipping really isn’t hard, nor if you shop around and think smart, need it be too expensive. These days, with airlines charging weighty premiums on excess luggage, shipping provides an increasingly attractive and cost effective means for getting your worldly possessions home.

Here are some shipping ideas to consider

  •     Get plenty of quotes, checking sizes and whether customs and tax charges are covered.
  •     You’ll pay a set rate ranging from about £80-£150 for your first tea carton, (actual sizes vary between companies, so check carefully), then between £30-£80 for any additional boxes (anywhere between £30 and £80)
  •     Ask around to see if friends are interested in shipping gear together, though it all has to go to the same address
  •     You may have to pay a customs or tax charge when your gear arrives at its destination. Some shipping companies will look after some charges, but not others, so check this carefully too, as extra costs can add up
  •     Check carefully on charges when choosing between door-to-door or door-to-port options
  •     Most shipping companies will provide boxes, packing materials and so on. If they don’t, you’ll need to factor these costs in too. Check whether they’ll deliver boxes to your door or whether you’ll need to fetch them.
  •     Some Shippers now offer online services to help you track the progress of your luggage home
  •     Check what protection your shipper provides should your baggage fail to turn up
  •     Keep checking the Shipping forum on TNTonline to see and share insights with fellow travellers sending their luggage home.

Shipping companies

  • 1st Move International Removals
  • Allfreight International Removals Ltd
  • Anglo Pacific
  • Excess Baggage Company
  • Excess International Movers
  • Freedom Shipping
  • PSS International Removals
  • Simpson’s Removals

You will also need to consider

  •     Transferring money
  •     Getting a job
  •     Travel ideas