Mohammed Mera is believed to have murdered seven people in the past two weeks and is hiding out in a house surrounded by armed police.

The Al Qaeda terrorist has said that he is punishing France’s army for interventions in Afghanistan and the plight of Palestinian children, whom he says have been murdered by Israeli forces.

Mera said that he will give himself up later today, but the police have described him as “armed and dangerous” and he is in possession of an arsenal that includes an Uzi machine gun and Kalashnikov assault rifle.

More than 300 police officers are currently surrounding his flat in Toulouse. Three have already been injured as they attempted to arrest him.

According to reports, Mera called “I can see you!” at the officers, before releasing a hail of bullets. One officer was shot in the knee, another on the shoulder, and another in the chest.

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant, who is at the scene, said: “He claims to be a Mujahideen and to belong to Al Qaeda.”

The gunman’s mother is also at scene of the siege, and is trying to persuade Mera to give himself up, it is reported.

He is suspected of killing a Rabbi and three pupils at a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday, and three soldiers in two separate attacks.

Hundreds of anti-terror police officers are today flooding Toulouse.

Picture: Getty