Assuming you’d like to record more impressive videos, there are a few simple techniques you should utilize that could go a very long way:

Keep the camera steady while recording

If your camera isn’t steady, the video that you record may appear shaky, blurry, and much less distinct. Assuming you’re recording while holding the camera in your hands, try to lock your elbows at your sides and only move the camera by rotating your body slowly and evenly. In some cases it may help to get a tripod, or even a camera holder that you can strap to your body.

Be aware of how you’re framing your recording

Framing is an ever present issue in photography and video recording – and it is one that will take time to master. That being said to get started you could experiment with using different techniques rather than simply keeping the subject dead centre in the frame. One technique that is often used is the ‘rule of thirds’, which divides the frame into a three by three grid and positions important elements in one third or at an intersection point.

Take into account the light – and where it comes from

Ideally you will want the scene that you’re recording to be well lit by ambient light – with any sources of light not directly in the frame but behind you instead. That should help you to avoid dark areas from appearing blurry less distinct, and should also prevent the focus from shifting sharply if you move the camera.

Avoid digital zoom

It may seem counter-intuitive, but digital zoom is actually not as useful as it may appear to be. The reason for this is the more you digitally zoom into a shot, the more its quality will deteriorate. Rather than using digital zoom, you should try to get your camera as close as possible to obtain the frame that you want while retaining its quality as well.

As you can see these techniques are simple enough, yet as you start to implement them you should begin to notice a marked improvement in the quality of the videos that you record. It is worth noting that these are general techniques, and they will work just as well for screen capture as they would in a live setting.

At the end of the day recording impressive videos isn’t that difficult, and with a bit of practice you should be able to capture footage that lives up to (or exceeds) your expectations. Over time you’ll undoubtedly be able to improve on these recording techniques further, as they certainly have room for you to build on.