Sinaed O’Connor posted a suicidal message on Twitter (@howryeh), saying she would kill herself if it wasn’t for her children. The message was part of a 24-hour rant which saw the singer spout a stream of spectacular obscenities.

Irish singer O’Connor has been suffering from depression and visited a psychiatrist on Wednesday, coming home to unleash a torrent of tweets.

“Buttfuckery. Gee-bag. Cock-rot. Cock-snot. Chocolate wiz-way. Banana-fuckin-rama. 'Difficult fucking brown' stink tube. WANK! Wankers. Clit!” O’Connor wrote.

Far more worrying, however, were O’Connor’s suicidal messages.

“All this shit we're not supposed to say. Including suicidal feelings, sex, etc. U just get treated like a crazy person. I want to go To heaven SO bad. Have for yrs,” she tweeted.

The singer continued that she would not kill herself as her children would suffer.

“I don't wanna abandon my kids. But if I cud die without them knowing I did it myself I wud,” she wrote.

O’Connor went as far as asking her followers of anyone would help by suggesting ways in which she could end her life.

Sinaed’s breakdown is thought to have been triggered by a recent split with her boyfriend.

“Must announce boyfriend search very much still on. If any1 wants a suicidal tourettes ridden fat ugly lunatic with a big fat flappy fanny,” she wrote.

And: “CLIT!!!!!! CLIT!!!! CLITORIS!!!! (Is that how u spell it?) #nowonderihavenoboyfriendidontevenknowhowtospellclitoris.”

The singer mentioned that her shrink had suggested she tone down her Twitter posts, writing: "Psychiatrist says I'm a bad mum and mental for talking so openly about sex in public.”