Mensch, the former Conservative MP who quit Parliament to spend more time with her family, was called “void of all principle” by Dorries.

In a blog, Dorries railed against Mensch for effectively “handing her seat to Labour”. Mensch’s resignation has sparked a by-election that is unlikely to result in a win for the Tories.

Dorries wrote: “She [Louise Mensch] is a former MP who has resigned mid-term, supposedly for the sake of her family and has, without doubt, handed her seat to Labour.

“A pill very hard for some to swallow when she appears on her social media site and Twitter by the minute.”

She also criticised Mensch’s lack of professionalism when questioning Rupert Murdoch on the phone hacking scandal, writing: “One of the most unprofessional and undignified comments ever heard in a select committee hearing was when Louise Mensch announced that she had to leave a crucial, televised hearing involving the Murdochs, in order to do the school run.

“As she left she schmoozed to James Murdoch, in the witness chair at the time, ‘I believe we have children the same age’. This was stomach-turning for female MPs, who act in a professional manner in order not to be judged lacking against our male peers, knowing that hell would freeze over before any male MP would behave in the same way.”

Mensch reignited the age-old ‘can women have it all?’ debate when she quit her post as an MP because she found it difficult to balance the demands of work and family.

Perhaps annoying Dorries further, Mensch responded to the blog via Twitter.

“Waking up to find self on the Nadine Dorries naughty step … which is a pity as I spend my entire time worrying about what she thinks. (ahem),” she posted.

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