The war hero lived with the memory of crawling two miles to safety after stepping on the mine serving in the East Yorkshire Regiment.

Medical staff decided it’d be safer to leave the shrapnel in his body than try to remove it.

Following his funeral and cremation last week, his family were handing the pile of metal he’d carried for 68 years.

Brown’s daughter Jane Madden, 55, of Exeter, told the Telegraph that her father had mentioned he had a bullet from the war in his knee.

‘I don’t think he ever realised all that was in his leg – it weighed about six ounces,’ she said.

‘He’d said there was a bullet in his leg but I was imagining one romantic piece of metal.’

‘It’s just macabre really, and amazing because he never used to complain about the pain. It just shows how brave he was.’

He died of a chest infection.

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