Slash, famous as being the top hat wearing guitarist for Guns ‘N’ Roses during their heyday, has produced the upcoming horror movie Nothing Left To Fear.

The film stars Clancy Brown, Anne Heche and Jenifer Stone, and Slash has written the score and the closing theme song for the movie as well as acting as producer for the flick.

“Everything about doing this is exciting for me because I have had a passion for movies, and especially horror movies for as long as I can remember,” Slash told Rolling Stone magazine.

“To have the opportunity to be able to produce horror movies is great, and to be hands-on behind the scenes and getting to finally be involved where you can influence the outcome of what a picture is gonna be and what it’s gonna look like is very exciting.”

He also added that he would love to be involved in more movies, and would love to collaborate with Hollywood director Sam Raimi, famous for the original Spider-Man movie series staring Tobey Maguire and the Evil Dead series with which he made his name.

Photo: Getty.