A Tanzanian woman who was forced to work in the northwest London home of Saeeda Khan for three years has been awarded £25,000.

The court convicted 68-year-old Khan of slavery and ordered her to pay 49-year-old Mwanahamisi Mruke 25,000 pounds.

Khan, who was a former hospital director, was found guilty of trafficking Mruke into the UK for exploitation.

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Khan had promised to pay Mruke £50 pounds a week for six hours’ work a day when she first met her in a hospital in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Instead Mruke was only paid £10 per week, but even these payments stopped within a year, and soon Mruke was not paid anything for her 18-hours a day shifts.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC told Khan to reflect over the way she had treated Mruke.

“You could easily have afforded to pay her a reasonable sum by way of wages,” Rivlin said.

“You chose to give her virtually nothing.

“Your own behaviour was callous and greedy,” Rivlin continued.

Mruke, who was saving up to help pay her daughter’s college fees, said:

“I felt like a fool, I was treated like a slave,”

“I was hoping I would receive a salary and improve my life. But my hopes were dashed, my strength was reduced and I became unwell.”

On top of the compensation, Khan was also sentenced to a nine-month suspended jail term and told to pay £15,000 in costs.