A snake died of silicone poisoning after it bit the fake breast of a model during a photoshoot. The model, however, escaped unscathed.

Israeli model Orit Fox was taking part in a snake-themed photoshoot in Tel Aviv in which she posed with the boa constrictor.

However the snake was less than impressed by his buxom companion and lunged at Fox, biting her on the breast.

Fox began the photoshoot happily modelling the snake, wrapping it subtly around her legs.

The model then licked the snake, causing her to loosen her grip on its neck. Taking its opportunity, the snake sank its fangs into her left breast.

Fox screamed for help, and an assistant managed to pull the snake from her boob.

After being taken to hospital, Fox was given a tetanus shot but was released that day and is in good health.

The boa constrictor, however, was not so lucky and died soon after from silicone poisoning.