An eight-foot Australian crocodile has turned orange causing his keeper to fear for his health.

Upon seeing the normally green Snappy a bright orange, Tracy Sandstrom, who runs

Roaming Reptiles, a mobile reptile display, admitted she freaked right out.

"I thought he was really sick. I thought he was dying," the Geelong woman said.

 However, it emerged  the unfriendly reptile, who sleeps in a heated bath at night, had been gnawing on the water pipes and had damaged the filter, which caused the water's pH levels to rise.

Crocodile experts have told Sandstrom that red algae or tannins from fallen leaves which would normally

have stayed out of his water had managed to get in, which,

combined with the raised pH, led to him looking like a giant carrot with teeth.

She has been assured that Snappy should return to his natural green colour.

"There's no change in his behaviour, his aggression, his territorialism.

He's still a really nasty crocodile," she said.

"It's a collector's item now. Everyone will want one. I should have put

him on eBay.

Check out Snappy in the video. Let us know your best crocodile story below.