The advertisement, on the MercadoLibre website said: “Beautiful Baby On Sale For Organs… What You Need Is Urgent!”

The message was soon uploaded on Twitter and became a trend topic for several hours as the internet community roundly condemned the idea.

The advertisement was from a seller in Mexico City. The seller required a down payment of 20,000 pesos and a period of nine days to make an offer.

Twitter users were outraged tweeting their anger with posts such as “sickie sells baby and its organs on MercadoLibre” and “They can’t do this! It’s outrageous!” and “the filthiest of society sells baby on MercadoLibre”.

MercadoLibre, a kind of Mexcan eBay, later said that the advertisement “was taken down immediately and the user was eliminated from the community, because such a message is not permitted on the portal”.

The online company said its conditions establish that “the offer and/or sale of persons, human bodies, corpses, organs, human members or remains are prohibited”.