With the days getting colder and darker, over half (59%) of Brits admit they struggle to get up, with many of us snoozing up to three times before we roll out of bed in the mornings. 

And that Monday morning feeling is real. The research commissioned by Twinings English Breakfast tea found that nearly a quarter of us (22%) find Monday the hardest day to get out of bed, after a weekend of luxurious lie ins.

On average, we hit the snooze button at least once each day – snoozing for a total of 9.36 minutes before rising from the covers. And at the extreme end of the scale, 2% of us snooze for over 45 minutes each day!

The research found that the younger generation are the worst when it comes to dragging themselves out of bed in the mornings, with just over half (51%) of 18-24 year olds struggling in the morning compared to less than a fifth (17%) of Brits over 55. Women also find it much more difficult to get out of bed than men, blaming the dark mornings and cold weather for their lack of motivation (68% of women agreed with the statement vs. a total of 47% of men).

We like to use little things as a motivation to switching off the alarm and getting on with the day, with the most common ‘morning motivation’ used by Brits being the thought of a nice hot cup of tea (30%) – while the least popular was exercising, with only 7% of Brits jumping out of bed at the thought of a workout session.

The weather and exciting events planned have a strong impact on our ability to get out of bed with a smile on our face.  As you might expect, we find it much easier to get up in the morning if the sun’s shining and if we have something specific to look forward to in the day (62% and 51% of respondents agreed respectively). 

Psychotherapist Robert Stewart explains: “We have a special relationship with the sun, because it represents the presence of spring and summer which are associated with comfort and safety, and therefore it’s no surprise that we struggle on those dark wintery mornings. When it is dark, and the motivation to get your day started is lacking, a little optimistic thinking can really boost our mood. ”

“The way you start your day can make a big difference to the way you feel all day. So to ensure you start it right, make sure you add a touch of adventure to your normal routine. Even things which may seem like an insignificant change can make a big difference.”