Ladies, don’t be shy, writes Rebecca Kent. You can put out if you want to.

Lady Gaga has been on her soapbox preaching to her female fans not to rush into sex with a potential partner because that’s how she plays the game. Young women should appreciate they can “honour their body” by not “putting out” too soon, she told the USA Today newspaper.

“It’s always been important to me, as it’s for my generation, a most relevant consideration when you’re growing up. Sex doesn’t mean nothing; sex means so much.” She added: “A man will only respect you more for honouring your body. I am that way.”

I’m sorry, but women can honour their bodies any way they like, whether sporting a vinyl suspender belt and shagging on the first date, or by guarding their chastity as though their lives depended on it. Lady Gaga is peddling the idea that sex should be a tool of empowerment, used by women to keep voracious men at bay and earn their respect in the process. But if a man chooses to think less of a woman who puts out from the get-go, then he should take a good look at his own kind first. Somehow, it’s more acceptable in our society for a man to bed a woman he hardly knows – this double-standard is unfair to girls. By abstaining in a potential relationship, women are hardly laying the groundwork for equal sexual footing should love flourish. Ladies, be sexual, shag if you want to, bonk safely, and if your heart flutters for one of your suitors, then you’ll both know at the time what to do about it.

Besides all that, I don’t have much tolerance for sanctimonious sermons from a performer such as Gaga who is cashing in from the one thing she suggests we keep sacred. I give you the lyrics to her song, Animal: “You have that wild side/You’re an animal tonight/I see that you are my type … I can see the way that you’re looking at me … Baby I’ll keep you up all night/Gonna tie you up in case you bite.” Tsk tsk, Lady Gaga. Perhaps you should practice what you preach. You’d be much more fun

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