If you have testicles and a dog then maybe you should look away now.

A 39-year-old man in the Arkansas town of Truman who is paralyzed below the waist has had one oh his testicles chewed off by a “small, white-fluffy” dog who he had adopted for some companionship.

The man, who told police he has no feeling “below the waist” claims that he was sleeping when he was woken with a burning pain in his mid-section. When he looked down he saw his cute little dog between his legs with blood on its muzzle and paws.

Sounds like something out of a truly C-grade horror movie, but it gets somewhat worse. 

The 39-year-old man, who sleeps in the nude, thought (for some reason) nothing of it at first. That was until he went in for a closer inspection, so to speak, and found he was a testicle short.

Needless to say his stray mutt was euthanized and its remains have been tested for rabies. As of yet, the Huffington Post doesn’t know if the dog was rabies positive or not.

The man himself was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries and is now in about as good a condition as a paralyzed man whose just had one of his testicles eaten by a dog can possibly be in… Which isn’t saying a huge amount.

So much for man’s best friend, you wouldn’t have wished that dog on your worst enemy.

Image: Getty