It’s one of the sweetest we’ve seen – and we have hearts of stone!

It was posted to Youtube by Nicola Nolan and it shows her younger brother Stephen giving their mum a surprise by ‘swimming’ from Australia to Ireland. Okay, he was just pretending, but stay with us.

Ms Molan was at the beach in Rush, a small seaside town in Fingal, County Dublin, showing her mum a video Stephen had made explaining he couldn’t get home for a family wedding.

“Unfortunately I’m not going to make it home for the wedding,” he said. “But if I start swimming now I’ll get there on time.”

As the vid ends, Nicola tells her mum to “look up” because someone is coming out of the Irish Sea… and yep, it’s Stephen (and a very cold one at that).

Her reaction is brilliant.

Stephen wrote on Facebook: “I swam from Sydney to Dublin to surprise my ma!!! 🙂 Haha bless her :)”

Image via Thinkstock