Paparazzo Fawcett’s lawyer Roland Day agreed he would not to go within 5m of Brown or “loiter” within 50m and not try to contact her until November 22, when the case returns to Waverley Court.

Day told AAP his client agreed as long as he “is still able to be a photographer and do his job”.

Fawcett didn’t appear in court, but it was alleged he created “big waves” with his boat while photographing Brown and had a verbal encounter with her husband, Stephen Belafonte.

Fawcett has had previous high-profile runs-ins with celebrities, including Nicole Kidman – a judge found in 2005 he’d planted a listening device outside her home.

Melanie Brown lives in Sydney now and is a judge on Aussie version of The X Factor and a co-host of Dancing With The Stars.

She reunited with the Spice Girls for a performance in the London Olympics closing ceremony. 

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