Spotify have unveiled a “private listening” option to assuage anger from users who did not want their music habits automatically filtered through Facebook (Josh Groban fans perhaps?).

Last week Spotify announced a partnership with Facebook which would have allowed users’ music choices to be updated on their Facebook page.

Spotify and Facebook Close to a partnership deal

Spotify demands Facebook signs up, backlash begins

The music streaming company also made it compulsory for all of its new sign-ups to be have a Facebook account.

But the company have had a volte face after the backlash from users. Announcing the privacy option, CEO Daniel Ek tweeted: "We're rolling out a new client as we speak where you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. It works like a browser's private mode.”

"We call it 'private listening' and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu and toggle it on/off."

The option only works for the current session, and that the feature is automatically switched off when they next log in.  so users who want to turn it off permanently must do so in preferences.