A video showing a squirrel running beneath a speeding Lamborghini has gone viral and spawned heated debate over whether the animal lost its tail.

The squirrel apparently darted out and narrowly dodged a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV as it sped around the track at 100mph during The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 4.

Dashing beneath the car’s wheels the squirrel seems to emerge unscathed, although on closer inspection it appears to have lost part of its tail.

Watch the squirrel v Lamborghini here.


The video has been watched more than four million times on Youtube where debate has raged about whether the squirrel lost all or part of its tail.

“You can see a part of his tail flying off,” writes one commentator.

Another said: “The squirrel only lost his tail hair.”

“In the normal shot, you can see the tail also moves away from grass and the it rolls toward the grass,” said a viewer.

Some believe the tail is still in tact. “You can see his tail after the car goes over him, it just down instead of being up, but still one bloody lucky squirrel,” someone wrote.

We're sure there's a moral to this tail.