If you haven’t seen it, the tourism advert for the Northern Territory created by NTOfficial.com uses an acronym for ‘See You in the Northern Territory’ with the tag line underneath ‘The top end, different from the bottom end’ – if it’s still not clear the advert can be seen in full here on BuzzFeed.

Whilst here at TNT we find it mildly amusing, the Advertising Standards Board definitely does not and has ruled the language as inappropriate after complaints came in saying the advert is ‘highly offensive’, ‘derogatory’ and some describing it as promoting misogyny and reflecting a negative image of Australia.

The official line from the NT tourism board is that although it doesn’t condone the language, the slogan has ‘got people talking about the Northern Territory‘ Valerie Smith told the BBC “We do agree with the Advertising Standards Board that their key slogan is obscene…I think it did perhaps tap into a bit of the larrikinism [mischievous] sense of humour.

Source: BBC.co.uk