“I’m so proud of Robert. He’s growing up to be a chip off the old block,” said Terri Irwin, Steve’s widow and mother of Robert.

Junior zookeeper Robert fed the freshwater crocs, but will soon be ready to move on to the saltwater crocodiles, known as one of the most aggressive and dangerous of the species in the world.

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Robert spoke to the media about his first croc feeding experience

Robert is due to appear in a new Australian TV series called Wildlife Warriors, which mum Terri promises will show “how Robert and Bindi are continuing his [Steve Irwin’s] legacy.”

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Australia Zoo, in Queensland near Brisbane, is set on 100 acres of land and founded in 1970 by Steve’s parents Bob and Lyn Irwin. It was originally named Beerwah Reptile Park, then renamed Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park Terri in 1982, and later Australia Zoo as the business expanded.

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Steve Irwin died in 2006 after being stung by the barb of a stingray whilst filming a TV series, Ocean’s Deadliest. Terri and her children continue the family tradition and Irwin legacy at the zoo.

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Here’s TNT’s tribute cover to the amazing Crocodile Hunter from back in 2006…

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