What baffles me about London is Boris Johnson.

London’s best-kept secret? I live with an urban explorer, so I’ve seen a totally different secret side of London by hanging out with him.

When I want to chill out I love going down to Brick Lane to see the street art and get tattooed.

The most interesting person I’ve met in London was Prince Charles, who was a pretty fun guy to hang out with. It was one of the most surreal afternoons I’ve had, drinking Pimm’s with him at St James’s Palace.

My favourite place for a drink is usually a gallery show opening, because of the great drinks you come across. If not there, out with my girl at whatever fun bar or club we stumble across.

For when you’re hungover in London I really couldn’t tell you because I’ve never had a hangover. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones!

What gets me up in the morning? I’ve always got projects on the go, whether it’s running NFP organisation Art Is The Cure, gallery shows with Imitate Modern or painting a bunch of football tables for el Jimador tequila, which was an interesting task. There’s always something different.

The first thing I think of in the morning is what am I going to paint and whether there are any waffles left in the cupboard to go with my coffee.

My perfect weekend would consist of getting away from the studio, seeing friends, going on an adventure and hanging out with my girl. 

The last naughty thing I did was snuck inside the depths of London Bridge to watch a private movie screening.

The biggest faux pas I have made is getting incredibly drunk and trying to chat up the president of Azerbaijan’s wife. That didn’t go too well…

Five words that sum up London ... Best adventure of my life. 

 Rich Simmons designed the el Jimador tequila football tables that you can find across London until Aug 27

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