Stunned passengers on the British Airways flight from Jamaica got a wholly unexpected glimpse of the landing strip when the 46-year-old Londoner got her kit off in order to carry out unscheduled maintenance work on her under-carriage.

But the woman’s bodywork failed to impress police who were called to the airport and issued the sexhibitionist with a caution following allegations that she had disrupted the flight and indecently exposed herself.

British Airways – who recently saw a Dubai-bound flight forced to turn back for Heathrow because of a smelly poo in a toilet – refused to elaborate on the incident. “We can confirm that police were requested to meet our flight from Kingston,” said a spokesperson.

A survey last year showed that one in seven British travellers admit to being drunk on the plane when they fly off on holiday. More recently, a poll revealed last week that one in 11 Brits has had a sexual encounter in the seat of their plane – but most use coats, blankets and hand luggage to disguise their fumblings.