Ms Su, a student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, is studying their Interactive Telecommunications Program – and described her piece as a ‘kinetic sculpture [that] consists of 81 erectable penises’ on the ITP website.

Not only do these wondrous willies sway in time to music, they also respond to a viewer’s movements (steady now) and they can even be used to plot real-time changes in world economics, such as the stock market.

Speaking about her project on the website, Ms Su says: “The penis is so different! This is my initial motivation, to study one of the oldest and probably the most attractive thing that humans interact with.” 

According to Animal NY, Peiqi Su was inspired to craft this wall of wangs after hearing that “everyone on Wall Street is a dick.”

The video below is taken from Ms Su’s YouTube channel. Things start to get interesting from 0:07.

Image credit: Twitter