Turns out I’d sat up late one night with my brother when we were small and caught a glimpse of the world’s most famous reptilian monster, aka Godzilla, on TV. It stayed with me and I had that nightmare for years.

Probably wasn’t a good idea to go and see this movie then was it?

Wrong. This is fantastic. Sure, the acting (Bryan Cranston aside) is a bit wooden but this isn’t really about acting is it? It’s all about destruction, explosions, falling buildings, fire-breathing lizards and epic battles, with humanity standing on the brink (and don’t worry it is nothing like the crappy 1998 reboot).

While I don’t want to give too much away, you’ll watch gleefully as giant nuclear energy eating monsters (or M.U.T.Os) go on the rampage in search of food (and sex), wreck a few cities and then battle it out with our hero, Godzilla.

Can he (we think he is a he) save the day or will a good old-fashioned a-bomb do the trick?

Verdict: Four stars