Jemima Khan fears her sons could be bullied at school following false allegations on Twitter that she had an affair with Jeremy Clarkson and has taken out a super injuntion to keep it secret.

Khan has said that she is “trapped in a bloody nightmare” following the incorrect claims that sexy photos exist of her with the Top Gear star. She has denied having a super injunction.

On Twitter yesterday, Jemima Khan wrote: “I’ve woken up trapped in a bloody nightmare.”

She added: “I hope the people who made this story up realise that my sons will be bullied at school because of it. Plus I’m getting vile hate tweets.”

Speaking of her eldest son, she said: “My 14-year-old would never talk to me again. He’s painfully shy and hates any fuss.”

Super-injunction: Jeremy Clarkson texts Jemima Khan over Twitter allegations

Jemima Khan slams Jeremy Clarkson super-injunction on Twitter

When the claims were published on Sunday, the socialite tweeted: “OMG – Rumour that I have a super injunction preventing publication of “intimate” photos of me and Jeremy Clarkson. NOT TRUE!”

Moments later she added: “I have no super injunction and I had dinner with Jeremy and his wife last night. Twitter, Stop!”

Khan added: “The proof that I haven’t got a super injunction is that the papers have printed my name (and no one else’s – for fear of being sued).”

The existence of super-injunctions has been put in jeopardy thanks to internet gossip, which means millions of internet users have found the names of leaked TV stars and footballers.

However, some of the allegations appear to be incorrect, including those linked to political activist Jemima Khan.