25 year old Parisian, Gerald Babin died of a cardiac arrest during the first day of filming in Cambodia and in the wake of his death the whole 16th season (and possibly the show as a whole) has been cancelled.

While competing in a tug-of-war with his other competitors, Babin began complaining of a pain in his arms, he was rushed by helicopter to a nearby Cambodian hospital but died en-route having suffered a massive heart attack.

Channel TF1 and production company Adventure Line Productions said it was “not really a question” to shut down production on the season and expressed “profound sadness” for the loss of the contestant’s family.

“Adventure Line Productions, TF1 and [host] Denis Broginart are devastated and join in the profound sadness of Gerald’s family,” the channel said in a statement.

While of course this a terrible tragedy, one can’t help but notice how ironic it is that somebody taking part on a show called Survivor literally didn’t…

Could quite possibly be THE definition of irony.