Eating scorpions in Thailand, driving across the desert on Route 66 in a convertible, pretending you’re Thelma and Louise (without the suicide), getting your photo taken at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you know the one where you’re knocking it over. It’s the postcard worthy stuff.

So, when you’re in Cairns, there is one thing that you just have to do: bungy jump. For starters, it’s the only place you can do it in Australia. Secondly, Cairns is the perfect setting to take the plunge, it’s a wild town full of adventure. Possibly because of the heat, possibly because of the droves of backpackers you’re bound to meet at the bars who will tell you it’s the “Best. Thing. Ever.”

And you know, it’s not the XXXX Gold talking, taking the fall at AJ Hackett Cairns is up there with one of the best things you’ll ever do – it sure beats eating scorpions.

The hardest part about bungy is the anticipation. And unlike other bungy jumps in the world, where you throw yourself from a bridge, in Cairns you must climb a 50 metre tower, tracking your ascent with every flight of stairs. Your legs will shake and, determined not to look down or up, the climb seems never ending.

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At the top you have sweeping views of Cairns’ rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. That is until you look down into the tiny drop pool of water (I told you not to) and your heart starts to feel like it’s in a boxing match with your chest. You’ll probably ask the other jumpers for advice, but it’s best not to approach the nervous Swedes – ask the dudes who are doing their 7th jump for the day in Batman costumes.

The staff take your ‘boarding pass,’ check your weight and strap up your legs, paying attention to how nervous you are. Here’s a tip: don’t act cocky because they’ll soon knock you down (figuratively, and then literally). Once you’re good to go, you’ll shuffle up to the ledge, doing your best clenched-jaw smile for the camera and take the leap of your life.

Now, there seems to be two types of people – those who completely black out and don’t remember anything until the cord pulls them up again and they’re bobbing around with the blood rushing to their heads. And then there are people (like myself) who remember everything in painstaking detail. Where the free-fall down feels like forever, the screams are blood-curdling and you witness the crowd’s (upside-down) expressions of shock while you try and think of something profound to say other than “ahhhhhhhhhhh”.

Don’t worry, there’s no dignity in bungy and whichever way you handle it you’re going to look like a goose getting its neck snapped. But, my gosh, it’s fun.

Damage and details: Jumps start at $169 including pick-up, T-shirt and certificate. See