Online casinos generate a lot of income each year, so it’s pretty clear that a lot of players prefer to test their luck at home. There’s a good reason for that – several in fact. If you’re wondering where you’d be better off gambling your money, we’ve put together a number of points to explain why online casinos are the way to go.

Play At Anytime

It’s not always easy to fit a visit to the casino into your schedule when you play at a physical location. That’s less of an issue when the casinos you go to are online, though. A spare half hour might not be enough to go out, gamble, and come back, but when it takes mere seconds to boot up a game on the internet, it’s plenty of time. You can enjoy a game of blackjack or roulette when it suits you, rather than having to dedicate several hours of your day to it. Plus, you can pick things up whenever you want, whether that’s morning, noon, and night.

No Travel Necessary

Casinos aren’t exactly plentiful in the UK compared to somewhere like Las Vegas. In 2019, there were 155 casinos operating in the UK, which isn’t even two dozen more than there were in Sin City. With so little choice across the entire country, you’re kind of restricted on where you can gamble if you’re going to leave the house. That’s why online casinos are so much more useful. You have access to hundreds of sites right there on the internet, and you don’t have to leave the sofa to find them. Not only does that save you time travelling to and from a casino, but it also means you get to play your choice of games in the place where you feel most comfortable.

No Safety Concerns

Some physical casinos are perfectly safe and value their customers greatly. That’s not an assurance you get from every location, though. Thankfully, your safety isn’t something you have to risk with online casinos because you know that you can trust your surroundings at home. You won’t have to worry about drunk gamblers bothering you or thieves attempting to steal your money, which means you can relax while making your bets. Obviously, online casinos can be just as dodgy if you use the wrong sites. However, provided you check that they have SSL encryption, you shouldn’t have any safety concerns.

Better Bonuses

Bonuses are a great incentive for gamblers, because it effectively gives people more money to play with. Although some physical casinos do offer such bonuses, they’re far more prevalent online. Things like welcome and no deposit bonuses can be found across a variety of sites, with some casinos boasting incredibly generous payments. If you want to know which sites are good for this, here is where you can find the best game bonuses.

Everything’s Regulated

Have you ever visited a casino and questioned whether it’s truly legitimate? While it is common to have a bad luck streak when you’re gambling, some physical locations definitely tamper with things so that they’re rarely in your favour. So many slot machines are designed to con you out of your money, only providing payouts on the rare occasion. Obviously, that’s not ideal if you don’t want to be made bankrupt. Fortunately, online slots are much better regulated because internet casinos require licenses if they want to operate. That means they have to do everything above board, so your chances of success are far greater than if you were to play at a physical casino.

Greater Selection

If you visit a physical casino, the only games you can play are whatever they have available. That can be problematic if they’re a small venue, because it means that you’re fairly limited on choice. That’s not an issue you have to worry about online. Most casino sites have an enormous range of games, so you’re always spoiled for things to play. On the off-chance that the casino doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you’re only ever a web search away from finding it. That’s a lot quicker than travelling across town to check out another venue.

Perfect For Introverts

Given that nearly half of all British adults gamble, it’s safe to say that physical casinos can get pretty busy. That’s not great for anyone who isn’t much of a people person. Of course, any introverts out there who enjoy gambling don’t need to worry, because online casinos have your back. When you play games at home, the only people you have to worry about are the ones that you live with.

Being away from strangers can be particularly beneficial in card games, where you’d normally have competitors pressuring you to make your turn. Online casinos allow you to play at your preferred pace, so all that stress simply disappears.

You Can Stay Away From Temptation

Physical casinos might seem like a great place to go when you learn that some of them serve free alcohol. However, the reason they do this is to lower your inhibitions and get you to gamble more. That’s how people end up broke, which isn’t what you want. Fortunately, when you play at home, there usually isn’t someone there trying to convince you to drink. While it’s certainly still an option, there’s less chance of you giving in to temptation and making a regrettable decision. Even if you do have a few drinks, at least you won’t have the crazy atmosphere of a physical casino trying to lure you down the wrong path.

With online casinos being so much easier, safer, and more convenient to use, you can find your new favourite in minutes. A visit to a physical casino might make for a nice treat every now and again, but if you plan on gambling regularly, the internet is where it’s at.