A motorist reportedly told the police he had seen a man with a rifle close to an elementary school. All schools in the area are now on lockdown, and there is an increased police presence in the area.

Ridgefield Superintendent Deborah Low released a statement saying: “Due to a report of a possibly suspicious person in the Branchville Train Station area, all schools have been put into lockdown.”

The police have so far searched one unidentified man, but he was released after he was found to be unarmed.

Police are also continuing the investigation into why gunman Adam Lanza murdered 27 people (20 children and seven women, including his mother) in Newtown, Connecticut, last Friday.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama visited Newtown to hold a vigil and give support to the grieving families of those killed.

The first funerals of the victims are taking place today – Jack Pinto and Noah Pozner, both aged six, are being buried at 18:00 GMT.


Image via TNT