Italian Balotelli, 22, appealed the initial penalty from his club but an independent board of members upheld Man City’s decision.

The Euro 2012 finalist missed 11 domestic and European matches last season due to suspensions.

A three-member panel from the league will now hear Balotelli’s case argued by his Italian lawyer and a Professional Footballer’s Association rep and Man City’s legal team.

A two-week fine is the highest slap on the wrist that can be given in a standard player contract.

City began their disciplinary process after Balotelli got one of his three red cards for the season against Arsenal in April this year. He also got nine yellow cards during the season.

He was hooked early in the team’s loss to Manchester United on December 9 and has since been left out of the team’s 3-1 win against Newcastle at the weekend.

Manager Roberto Mancini said he left Balotelli out because of how he’s been performing on the field.

“At this moment, Mario is not in good form and for this reason he is at home. It is only for this reason,” Mancini said after the Newcastle match. “To get back into the team he needs to work in training and when he plays, he needs to play well.”

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