Sziget Festival has just ended and 2015 was a record-breaking year for the event, as the Island of Freedom hosted more visitors than ever before. A total of 441,000 Szitizens from 95 countries joined the non-stop week of fun.

In spite of the recently extended daily capacity of 90 000 the festival had 3 sold-out days this year – Monday, Friday and Saturday – and set up a new overall attendance record of 441,000.

“We worked hard to create a festival that has its own unique identity,”  said Karoly Gerendai, Sziget’s main organiser. “Our aim in the long term is to make sure Sziget’s image gets independent from its headliners, as we believe the most important features of the event are not necessarily playing on the big stages. To keep it simple: we try to give good reasons for fans to come to Sziget, we’re still trying hard to get good bands on our stages, but we also try to make sure that fans choose Sziget because we offer more: a huge adventure, a cultural holiday, an experience-packed week full of positive surprises. That’s what we will keep on focusing on, while we definitely don’t want to be involved in a dangerous competition to get overpriced headliners. That’s just not our path. We hope our message gets through to our visitors, as they are the ones who create the magical vibe of the place we call the Island of Freedom,” he added

Sziget 2015 hosted fans from 95 countries and artists from 50 countries. Hungarians still formed the biggest group amongSzitizens, but The Netherlands, UK, France, Germany and Italy were also very strongly present.

Next year’s Sziget date
Save the date for next year: 10-17 August 2016. Yes you read right: next year’s Sziget will take place from Wednesday to Wednesday, right after the Hungarian Formula 1 GP. See you there?!