Scoring a job in an office may seem pretty easy. Sure, there are plenty of jobs around, but it’s best to get organised and have all of your boxes ticked before jumping into it.

Job Capital managing director Jo Burston told us that most office/admin roles require around six months experience. “Skills such as competent typing, intermediate Microsoft/computer knowledge and being able to clearly communicate with others will always be required,” she says.

If you get past the CV stage and get called in for an interview, Jo suggests you always dress ready to work. “As some interviews can result in a job that’s confirmed to start that day, dressing smartly for any interview will show that you’re ready to start work now,” Jo added.

The good thing is, regardless where you are in the country, the requirements don’t change so no having to register with different boards for example.

Jo says that there is plenty of work around with a demand for experienced receptionists, executive assistants and personal assistants, just to name a few. And the pay is good too with an administrative role paying between $20 and $27 per hour, plus superannuation.

The only downside is that these kind of roles are not recognised by the Department of Immigration for 457 sponsorship visas, so you will be limited to working for six months at each employer if you are on a Working Holiday visa. Aside from that you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot of cash and experience to gain.