What’s your best advice for anyone wanting to teach in Australia? The best advice is to contact Arete prior to arriving into Australia. We can assist you with your registrations and offer the best local advice.

Is there a demand for teachers in Australia at the moment? There is currently a high demand for teachers in this country. Especially casual teachers in Sydney.

What sort of qualifications and documents are needed to teach in Australia? You need to hold a full teaching qualification (Bachelor of Education or equivalent). In order to have your qualifications accessed by each state you are generally required to submit the following documents: CV, qualifications, transcripts, visa/passport, birth certificates and current police clearances.

Do requirements differ between the states? Yes. We do not have a national curriculum. Therefore registration varies between states.

When recruiting for teachers, what personal traits are you looking for? Teachers should be flexible and willing to teach a variety of year groups and subject areas. In Sydney we place teachers across a wide band of suburbs, so teachers should be prepared to travel. Along with a flexible attitude, they need to be prepared and have some of their own resources with them. Work is not always set.

Are there any jobs for travellers without teaching qualifications? We assist many travellers with finding work in childcare centres. No formal qualification is necessary; however a great personality, some experience working with children and the ability to show initiative is essential. Many travellers choose to do childcare work while waiting to get their teaching qualifications assessed.

What sorts of jobs are there within the teaching sector? Primary, secondary and special needs, childcare, before and after school care and vacation care are the main areas we look after within the education/teaching sector.

Any chances of sponsorships? Sponsorship is a possibility, however it is up to individual schools. Generally teachers who are sponsored are teachers who are filling either hard to fill positions, specialised roles, or after teaching at the school for an extended period of time. Thanks to Louise White, Team Leader, Arete, http://www.areteleaders.com.au.