What is the teaching sector like at the moment? Are there plenty of jobs going?

Currently all schools are on summer holidays, however come February day-to-day relief work will commence again. Peak times are from Easter through to November and there are both long-term and day-to-day assignments in schools. That could be anything from one day to six months working in the one school. Travellers who do day-to-day work in schools often will be asked back for long-term assignments. If you are flexible in your assignments then you can expect to be working five days per week.

What documents do you need to teach in Australia? 

Teachers will be required to provide various documentation including certificates, references, passport and visa as well as academic transcripts. Prior to working in Australian schools, teachers are required to get their qualifications assessed. But while you’re waiting to get your qualifications assessed you can work in childcare. This may not pay as much as teaching but itis a source of instant income.

Do requirements differ between states?

Each state or territory has different governing bodies, regulations and policies so you need to visit each Education Department’s website to gain more information. Registering with one governing body does not automatically allow you to work for another. 

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to teach in Australia? 

Start the process of having your qualifications assessed prior to arrival as this can take anything from a week onwards – depending on how much information is required. Be prepared to work in a variety of environments once your qualifications have been assessed. 

Are there any jobs for travellers without teaching qualifications?

We assist many travellers with finding work in childcare centres – no formal qualification is necessary; however a great personality, some experience working with children and the ability to show initiative is essential. As mentioned above, many travellers choose to do childcare work while waiting to get their teaching qualifications assessed.

How does the Australian education system compare to that of the UK?

UK teachers find it relatively easy to assimilate into the Australian system. Although curriculums vary between the UK and each Australian state, children all over the world learn the same and UK teachers adapt to each individual state’s curriculum easily. 

What are the advantages of signing up with Select Education?

Registration is free and we welcome travellers to sign up with us. We offer a wide variety ofteaching jobs, flexible assignments and ongoing work. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne,Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

– Thanks to Christine Curphey, Operations Manager at Select Education. For more info, visit www.selecteducation.com.au.