Day-to-day life objects such as drills, picnic tables, parasols, camping equipment or pet carriers will be available for a symbolic contribution of 10 NIS (less than £2). 

The list of objects in the library was shaped in collaboration with the residents of Florentin, the neighborhood in which Tel and Take was established, in order to create a service that meets the needs of the residents. 

The Florentin Tel and Take library is a pilot and if found successful – will be generated in other neighborhoods of the city. 

The opening of Tel and Take marks another step in making Tel Aviv, named one of the most innovative cities in the world,  a more sustainable city, using a sharing economy tool to make life cheaper and more community-centered for its residents. The concept responds to some of the main urban challenges: making room in small apartments and lowering the cost of living by creating a lending space of mainly expensive and seldom used objects.