Q. I hooked up with a hot girl but suspect she might be into a one-night-only deal. How can I persuade her to give me another bite of the cherry?

Reuben says:
That’s easy. You need to bombard her with romantic poetry.
Send them anywhere she might receive them. To her work. To her flat. On
her Facebook page. On her friends’ Facebook pages.

In my
experience, two kinds of poems work best. The first is a classic – the
epic love poem; 100 rhyming couplets telling the story of famous lovers
– Romeo and Juliet, Paris and Helen, Orpheus and Eurydice, Lancelot and
Guinevere – but with you and her transposed into those leading roles.
Women go wild for that stuff.

Alternatively, you could go with
a love acrostic, where you write her name down the side of the page and
then have flattering adjectives that begin with the different letters
running across.

Just make sure you know the meanings of the words you use. Trust me, ‘comatose’ is not deemed complimentary.

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Ruby says: You’re in a tough spot because, like most guys,
you’re probably just as baffled when your cheesy pick-up moves work as
when they fail.

But you obviously did something right, however inadvertently, so I
suggest you retrace your steps, try to identify the trigger point for
your success and then obsessively re-create the conditions that led to
you getting lucky in the first place.

Were you wearing a special shirt? If so, wear it every day. Were you
particularly funny or charming that evening? If so, try super-hard to
be funny and charming all the time. Was she drunk? If so, well, you get
the idea.

But, equally, it’s never too early to start grappling with the
possibility that you’re terrible in the sack and have no second shot
with this girl. Indeed, you might not get laid ever again.

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