“Giraffe is hugely popular with a wide range of ages and particularly families – we think our customers will love it.” said Kevin Grace, Commercial Director at Tesco.

Tesco is expected to integrate some branches of the restaurant into its larger stores in order to make them “warmer and less clinical” as well as opening new restaurants alongside existing stores.

The first Giraffe restaurant was opened in London’s Hamstead Heath in 1998 and the company has enjoyed rapid growth since.

The couple said they wanted to appeal to families and provide a child-friendly environment.

“When we opened we wanted somewhere that families would feel welcome. When our kids were growing up there was really nowhere to take them.” said the Joffes.

Russel and Juliette Joffe build the chain up with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Juliette Joffe told Caterer and Hotelkeeper that she would personally make a phone call to dissatisfied customers.

“It is so important to go that extra mile. If the complaint is any more than ‘My food is cold’, I will personally call the customer. This might be the difference between them wanting to come back or not.”

“Giraffe has benefited massively by staying true to its brand and keeping it at the heart of everything it offers – from the cuisine and service through to the interior and digital experience.” said Dan Einzig of Mystery, Giraffe’s brand design agency. 

“If Tesco is to maintain the restaurant group’s current success it must ensure that Giraffe retains its spirit of independence and the brand values that so many people have a connection with and have fallen in love with,” he concluded.

Tesco also recently aquired coffee shop Harris + Hoole. The supermarket chain was recently embroiled in the controversial horsemeat scandal.

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