Five French blokes dared test this out when they ‘liberated’ a llama from a circus in Bordeaux and proceeded to take it out for a night on the town. 

The llama, called Serge, since became famous courtesy of the viral video and pictures that followed – most bizarrely, the boys who are now facing charges, took Serge on one of the city’s trams and tied the poor fella to a pole in the town square. 

One of the men told BFM TV they passed the circus after a night at a club. 

‘We went in and played with the animals. We ended up taking a llama with us,’ one said. 

The circus has confirmed Serge was returned to the circus unharmed the next day. 

Serge also appeared at the local Bordeaux Ligue 1 football match against Nantes on Sunday as a “celebrity mascot”. 

Anyone who has a clue what a llama actually does at a circus, let us know. Meanwhile, this is Serge’s bizarre video. 

The men were arrested, spent a few hours in jail and still face charges.  

Image via Youtube