Since Edinburgh Tez has been hugely in demand.  A BBC Radio 4 pilot, based on Tez Talks has already been commissioned, he was awarded a place on the BBC’s writers academy, he’s written and filmed his own scripted comedy short for Sky (out over Christmas), he’s appeared on both The Now Show and the Children in Need Comedy Gala for BBC Radio 4, and appeared on both Virtually Famous (E4) and Live From the BBC (BBC Three).

Recognising it can be hard being Muslim in contemporary Britain, Tez is adamant that new British Muslims, or Muslims 2.0, don’t make the same pitfalls that native British Muslims, like him, have done. Presenting this bonus module centered on integration, its Tez’s hope that his new brothers and sisters will be able to use his teachings to become fully integrated citizens. This includes upholding British values (whatever those are!), beard tips and the importance of keeping it halal!  Through this truly bold show Tez leads his audience on a hilariously unique journey through this smart and satirical take on life in Britain.

Things won’t all be easy though, he confronts some of the most challenging issues before the final conversion. Haven’t Muslims been responsible for some horrific actions around the globe? What about the vitriolic Islamophobia? Tez questions why anyone would even want to convert to Islam at all… Sure it’s a gateway to a fascinating culture, people and eventually paradise, but still, is all the hardship worth it?

Brothers and sisters, welcome to Islam. Good luck.

Tez Ilyas, Tez Talks, London Soho Theatre Upstairs, 3-6 February 2016, 9.15PM 

Tickets £10