Thai green fish curry recipe

Charmaine Solomon is often credited with teaching Aussies how to cook curry due to her popular Asian Cookbook and Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. She has also spread the word on how to use spice blends and pastes to liven up food. With news that her spice products are again available in the UK, here’s a recipe for her delicious Thai green fish curry, which will whisk your tastebuds off to Ko Phi Phi in an instant.

What you need:
500g white fish fillets, cut into serving portions
Half a 260g jar Charmaine Solomon’s Thai Green Curry Paste
2 tbsp oil
200ml good quality coconut milk
1 tbsp fish sauce; 2 tsp sugar

The work:
Heat the coconut milk and add half the jar of the Thai green curry paste and bring to simmer.
Stir and lower in the fish fillets. Cook gently until the fish fillets become opaque.
Add the sugar and fish sauce to the pan. Adjust the amounts to taste.
Garnish with fresh Thai basil or coriander if desired.
The curry feeds four when served with steamed rice.

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