Buildings have been sandbagged and some streets closed off. The government of Thailand is considering plans to dig into some roads, turning them into channels to carry away flood water.

The Chao Phraya – Bangkok’s main river – swelled to record highs today, flooding nearby buildings.

Major tourist attraction, the Grand Palace, was still filled with visitors as the army began to pump water from its walled compound.

The northern outskirts of Bangkok have been the worst affected by Thailand’s floods, where residents have been pictured wading in waist-deep water. Many have fled on bamboo rafts or in army trucks.

Today, an especially high tide in the Gulf of Thailand brings with it the risk of increased flooding. Officials are concerned that when it peaks on Saturday, obstructing the flood runoff from the north, overflows could swamp parts of downtown Bangkok.

There are also fears that major barriers and dikes could break.

Tourists are being warned not to travel to flood-affected areas of Thailand, including Bangkok.