Contiki polled 2,000 people aged 18-35 years and found that the overwhelming majority – 79%, could not name the seven Natural Wonders of the World.

It also found that 67% of 18-35s like to discover new places when they go on holiday and 37% of young travellers are looking for alternative destinations, suggesting that the traditional sites such as the seven wonders could soon be replaced with alternative experiences young travellers have placed more importance on.

In this infographic, they have suggested where would be good spots for the modern young traveller to visit…

The research comes as Contiki launches its eight new travel styles, which recognises that no two travellers are the same. Each travel style has an alternative wonder designed to reflect the changing travel ambitions and tastes of 18-35s, for example Halong Bay for those that want to chill out on holiday or Rotorua in New Zealand for those wanting to be at one with nature.

Contiki’s eight new travel styles include:

Discovery Plus See and do it all with top amenities and incredible places to rest your head
High Energy Experience Europe through culture-filled days, epic sights and late nights
Easy Pace A more relaxed way to see Europe, for those who want to take it slow
In-Depth Explorer Get to the heart of the places you visit with more unique experiences and free time to explore
Freestyle Camping European camping adventures with all the luxuries of home
Sailing & Cruise Discover the freedom of a holiday on Europe’s crystal clear waters 
Festivals & Short Stays Join our lineup of big festivals, day-trips & Christmas/NYE celebrations
Winter & Ski Explore Europe covered in a dusting of snow or hit some of world’s best slopes

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