Audiences in major cities around the world including London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and New York were shown a 3D trailer for the latest addition to the web-slingers adventures, then a selection of 2D clips from the upcoming film. These included Spider-man’s alter ego Peter Parker awkwardly asking Gwen Stacey (played by Easy A and Crazy Stupid Love star Emma Stone) out on a date, an encounter with Spider-man’s nemesis in The Amazing Spider-Man, Dr Connors aka The Lizard, and some comedy moments as the red suited crime fighter takes on a car thief with some web-spinning.

The film, which reboots the Spidey franchise from the beginnings of Spiderman’s origins as mild mannered schoolboy Peter Parker, won’t be released until July 3.

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Director of The Amazing Spider-Man, Marc Webb, whose long career as a music video director ended when he moved into feature films with the successful 500 Days of Summer in 2009, said “I think there are a lot of things from the Spider-Man canon that haven’t yet been explored cinematically,”

“This movie really starts off with Peter Parker and his parents, which is something we’ve never really seen before, and I think that was something we were all really interested in exploring as filmmakers.”

Watch the latest trailer below…