Happily, we’ve found three places in the capital that will ensure that your pancake fantasies are all catered for…

Polo 24 Hour Bar, Bishopsgate: This proper British Café by Liverpool Street Station serves its pancakes three ways, 24 hours a day. Choose from maple syrup and almonds, clotted cream and berry compote or keep it nice and simple with lemon and sugar. A great place to treat yourself (or any small children that are clamoring for food) if pancake tossing is not your thing! They’re available all day every day, so don’t worry if you miss out next Tuesday. Click here for more info.

Les Deux Salons, Covent Garden: This classic French bistro will be serving up the traditional Crepes Suzette – a decadent version of the pancake smothered in butter and a brandy and Grand Marnier sauce. This one’s definitely for grown-ups! Available all day on March 4. We recommend going along with a rumbling tummy to ensure you enjoy every last crumb. Click here for more info.

Parlour, Kensal Rise: Pancakes at Parlour take centre stage with Head Chef Jesse Dunford Wood dedicating a week-long lunch menu extravaganza to the lowly pancake. A three-course pancake menu will include opulent Russian pancakes with smoked salmon and sour cream, a slow-cooked duck and beetroot pancake and last, but by no means least, a chocolate and hazelnut pancake cake. Click here for more info.

Image credit: Thinkstock