Matters aren’t helped by the hugely-diverse nature of the eyelash; some of us are blessed with long, lustrous lashes that visibly swoon at the sight of mascara. Others (namely, me) have overly-curly lashes that stick together, refuse to behave, and have rejected more mascaras than I’ve had hot dinners. However, I’ve been road-testing a few in my quest for celebrity-style lashes – and here’s my verdict…

Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast

This delicious-smelling concoction lasts for ages and the mascara itself sticks to the brush well, so you won’t have to do that annoying ‘pumping’ action to load the brush. It comes off easily with facial wash and even though it’s not waterproof, it’s stood up valiantly to January’s showers. Click here for more info.

Giordani Gold: Lash Panorama Mascara

This lot get top marks for brush effort – it’s a whopping great corkscrew – and I’m sure if I had a thick set of lashes we would have gotten on famously. However, it was not to be, as applying this first thing led to a mascara disaster. However, it performed well when used as a top-up later on in the day. Click here for more info.

Oriflame Beauty: Wonder Lash Mascara

This mascara’s pleasingly thin (no clumps – in fact, it might be impossible to achieve any kind of clump with this bad boy), and the shorter bristles on the brush worked well with my disobedient lashes. The mascara formula is smooth and glossy, and it’s not let me down yet – definitely on my Christmas list for 2014. Click here for more info.

Eye of Horus: Goddess Mascara

I was initially sceptical of this curiously-named product but my fears were soon gone – this hardworking mascara survived a heavy night out and it’s easy as pie to reapply several coats. I’ve even grown to love the Egyptian-style packaging. I think the reason it works so hard is its hourglass-shaped brush, which lets your brush right from the root without pulling lashes together. Click here for more info.

Clarins: Be Long Mascara

My love affair with Clarins shows no sign of slowing down, and this mascara performed so well I’m a little bit frightened of using it every day in case it runs out. Its short, angled brush lets you capture all those tiny inner lashes as well as adding thick, glossy layers to outer layers. I’ll put it this way – it’s so impressive, my Mum thought I was wearing false lashes. Click here for more info.

Clinique: Naturally Glossy Mascara

I’m a newbie to Clinique’s make up (although I’ve loved their skincare products for many a year) and, as predicted, this is a handbag staple. Clinique haven’t tried to do anything fancy or overcomplicate this mascara – it’s simple, it smells very good, and it works brilliantly without a fuss. This is one of the only mascaras I tried that works better when you apply layer after layer when it’s wet – it’s a slow burner, but definitely worth it! Click here for more info.

Image credit: Thinkstock