Arnold Schwarzenegger is back – this time in cartoon form in a cartoon series called The Governator

Developed with comic book legend Stan Lee, The Governator looks to be a franchise that is aiming to reap some serious coin.

Word is that along with the animated series a comic book and even a 3D movie will be released.

The premise of the cartoon revolves around The Governator being a fictional version of Schwarzenegger, who’s a retired governor of California by day and a crimefighter by night.

Apparently it will mix the real life of the actor-turned-politician with the superhuman exploits of the characters Arnie has played in films.

Online forums have been buzzing with the news. But it seems The Governator, like Schwarzenegger’s time in office, has drawn contrasting viewpoints.

Youtube user Oranqi wrote: “This is so fucking stupid i laughed :D”

Jmedi25 was not a definitely not a fan.

“Somebody pinch me, slap me, shoot me, stab me, blind me, anything that will make me forget this crap. This just might be worse than his actual years in office,” he posted on YouTube.