The Peace Palace

Also called Vredespaleis, this is where the UN’s Court of International Justice is held. All visitors must join a guided tour, however no tours are in place when court is in session.


A museum that’s located inside a small but stunning 17th century mansion, Mauritshuis has artwork on show by some of the finest Dutch and Flemish painters from the 15th century onwards.

The Seaside

Head to Scheveningen where you’ll find a long pier overlooking the North Sea. Somewhat kitschy, there’s a casino, amusement arcades, bungy jumping, restaurants and an aquarium, and of course the beach. While Holland isn’t exactly renowned for its good weather, the long strip of sand draws in large crowds in the warmer months.

Paleis Noordeinde

The home of the royal family, this isn’t open to the public but makes for a good photo opportunity.