However, sometimes we’ve come across a stay-at-home know-it-all who’s intent on bursting our bubble. We’ve asked around the TNT office, and these are the most annoying things that have ever been said to us. Enjoy.

“You should have saved that money and bought a house.” Oh, you boring, boring bastard. Bugger off back to your conservatory.

“Aren’t you concerned that your career will suffer?” Nope – I plan on being honest with future employers, as I reckon travelling the world having adventures is waaay more impressive than staying in the same tired old job for years and doing shit courses.

“Wasn’t it a bit selfish to leave your mum/dad/cousin for such a long period of time?” Are you kidding me? They came out to visit twice! And even if they hadn’t, the answer’s no. See, they let me go and live my life, because they understand I’m not here to babysit them.

“I couldn’t travel – I’m a veggie/vegan/I have Celiac Disease.” Oh, for goodness’ sake! People in other countries have dietary requirements too, you know. Did you think Aussies ate nothing but bacon and sand?

“Have you left it too late to get married? While you were away, all your friends met someone.” So they did – and I’m very happy for them. However, please don’t assume that my time away was romance-free; I could tell you quite a lot about getting down and dirty in a hostel.

“I suppose you’ve plundered all your savings.” Yeah, I sort of have, actually. Bite me.

“Anyone can get life experience – I’ve lived in this country for 40 years, I think I know how the world works.” I’d have loved to see you deal with a fifteen-hour train ride in India with a goat sat in your lap. I bet you that doesn’t happen much in Surrey.

“All those plane journeys were probably very damaging for the environment, you know.” Tell me again how many emissions that lovely 4X4 you own burps out every day?

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