The Pale Blue Door

Artist Tony Hornecker transforms his studio into a restaurant/art installation.

A three-course meal will be served by glamorous trannies in a magical setting

The artist writes, “Behind a pale blue door, in a darkened alley, on a night in the not so distant future. The magnificent depression laid the surrounding city silent. If you follow your nose and open your ears and let the breeze carry the waft of cigarette smoke and the whiff on moonshine, the promise of love will drive you on and with furtive looks you knock three times, a heavily lacquered hand reaches out. Light, love, and laughter spill ut into the night sky before the city galls back into it’s siumber, only turning slightly in it’s cold and guilty bed.”

Promises to be an experience.

Secret Shoreditch location 
Tube: Dalston Junction
Till April 10


Photograph by Manuel Vazquez