In the Apothecary check out the classic Hardcore, Jungle & Drum & Bass from 1992-1996 whilst on the Ground Floor Main Room, get down to classic funky & soulful house music from 1996-2010 headlined by Jamie Lewis (Purple Music) & Michael Watford Live PA. On the Terrace it’s strictly up front House with Kaiserdisco, and in the Loft we take you back to the sounds of the early 80s & 90s Disco Funk & soul eras.     

Garden Main Room:1987-1993 Acid & House with Robert Owens (dj set) & Live PA “Tears” & “ I’ll Be Your Friend ”, Rozalla Live PA – “Everybody Free”, Keith Thompson PA – “Break 4 Love”, Shades Of Rhythm  (live) PA & (dj set).

Dj E-Raze (Break4Love), Huck Finn, Philgood & Ram, Tony Castle & Mark Ruston. 

Terrace: Upfront House w/ Kaiserdisco, Made by Pete, Arkoss, DJ Mets, Arkoss, Techno Notice, Ross McCallmack, Summerdaz  and Robbie Charles. 

Basement: Classic Funky & Soulful House Funkinyou (KoKo Reunion) w/ Jamie Lewis (Purple Music) & Michael Watford Live PA 
Djs Lady Duracell, Mario Cee, Jon Russell and Gary Oc. 

Apothecary:Classic Jungle/D&B w/ Surprise Guest DJ, Squirrel, EZM and Rory D.

Loft: 80s/ 90s Disco/Funk/Soul w/, Tony Castle, Mr Eano, Andy Funkfusion & Kenny Redz.

Promised Land, Egg Ldn, 200 York Way, Kings Cross, N7 9AX, Sunday March 27 2016, 9pm-8am. 

Tickets: £15 in advance, student members £10, EGG LDN Members £15 and more on the door.